God's Not Dead


"God's Not Dead inspires believers to not only love the Lord with our hearts and souls, but also with our minds, so that we will always be prepared to give the reason for the hope we have, as it says in 1 Peter 3:15."
Trevor Bayne, NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and Daytona 500 champion

"God's Not Dead is an important and wonderful family movie everyone should see. You will love it!"
Alan Sears, President CEO and General Counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom

"God's Not Dead portrays a wonderful picture of how our great God is still alive and moving in people's lives today. It communicates to people in all walks of life that we can place our faith and hope in an eternal being."
David Boudia, US Olympic Gold Medalist, Platform Diving

"God's NOT dead is a well thought out film that will provide any viewer with perspective and inspiration regardless of their religious opinions. This film reminds the importance of standing firmly for your beliefs and exercising grace and mercy when dealing with those with opposing viewpoints."
Lauryn Williams, Olympic track and field sprinter

"The movie, God's Not Dead penetrates and challenges stark hopelessness and the entrenched cynicism of a modern, self-indulgent culture that has lost its way. The compassion stirred in me for the professor in light of his arrogant posturing called me to a deeper commitment to pray. Without the passion of the Church for the lost and the bold stance of His committed, courageous believers, there is a tragic and heartbreaking end for many. Thank God for a movie that calls us to attention and shouts a different story!"
Glenn Burris, Jr., President, The Foursquare Church, USA

"God's Not Dead is cut out of today's headlines. The courage of a university student who takes on his atheist professor makes for a gripping story that reflects how Christians and Christian groups suffer severe discrimination on most college campuses today."
Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

"God's Not Dead draws you in and asks you to consider one of the most important questions we will face in our lifetimes: Does God exist? Through intriguing and varied story lines this important movie will start many lively conversations about faith in God."
Tommy Barnett, Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly, Founder of Los Angeles Dream Center, and Chancellor of Southeastern University of Lakeland, Florida

"God's Not Dead is a must see movie for everyone. It is a great reminder that the Christian life is not always an easy one, but in the end we are victorious through Christ."
Andy Pettitte, Former Yankee Pitcher, 5-Time World Series Champion

"Your friends may never set foot in a church with you, but they might go see a movie. That's where this gets powerful."
Scotty Gibbons, Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries Strategist, Former Student Ministries Director of James River Church

"God's Not Dead masterfully portrays how small acts of faithfulness can change eternity. This movie will encourage believers to reach out in love to non-believers and to stand up for their faith in the face of adversity."
Dr. Jim Denison, Denison Forum on Truth and Culture

"Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain make God's Not Dead come to life. Their performances are compelling and powerful. Finally a movie worth seeing."
Justin Masterson, MLB Pitcher

"A tremendously exciting opportunity to reach out and share faith with courage and force"
Ron Forseth, Vice President - Outreach, Inc.

This is a powerful film. Kevin Sorbo turns in a brilliant performance as a Philosophy professor who starts his new class by insisting that his students sign a paper stating "God is dead". One student, named Josh, refuses to do so and Professor Jeffery (Sorbo) tells him he must debate the topic that God is dead and give convincing evidence that he is not. Josh accepts the challenge and the viewer later learns why Professor Jeffery has been bitter at God for a long time. It should be noted that the professor's girlfriend is a Christian but he just can't seem to outrun God.

Other plots involve a man named Mark (Dean Cain) who is self absorbed and doesn't care when he learns his girlfriend has cancer. He ignores his elderly mother too who has dementia and is in a nursing home. This compelling movie features the Newsboys who minister to the woman with cancer and a providential moment when Pastor Dave (David A.R. White) has an opportunity to minister to a certain college professor. In addition, a woman lives for Jesus despite the fact her father belongs to another religion and will reject her if she doesn't reject Christ. We are happy to award this movie our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal for ages twelve plus. This movie is a powerful tool to remind every viewer: God is certainly not dead!
The Dove Foundation

"Ratio Christi encourages every church member, pastor, parent, youth and college student to see God’s Not Dead. This timely movie accurately portrays the attacks that Christian students face on the college campus. We know. We train students, like the character Josh, to do exactly what Josh did—advocate for the scientific, philosophical and historical reasons for believing in God’s existence and following Christ. The movie weaves together the complexity of what students face from their professors, fellow students and even fellow Christians when one is courageous enough to “come out” for Christ on campus. We applaud the producers and actors of God’s Not Dead for sounding a wakeup call to the church to be prepared to tear down false philosophies and stand up intelligently for the reasons for the hope within. Thank you, Pure Flix, for producing a movie urging believers to contend for the faith that was entrusted to us."
Rick Schenker, President, Ratio Christi-Student Apologetics Alliance

"The movie, God's Not Dead, will remind you that He is alive and working in the world today, right now, all around us. The issues presented accurately portray real pressures today on college campuses and in each of our lives. Take your teens, your friends and your neighbors – then, be ready for the great conversations that will follow."
Brenda Bayliss, National Program Manager, American Heritage Girls

"God's Not Dead" is a brilliant rebuttal of atheistic propaganda. The exceptional story line is an affirmation of the existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving God who is the Creator of heaven and earth. This movie is a must see for America's youth!
Pastor John Hagee

"God's Not Dead creates a powerful point of convergence where viewers must fully consider the truth claims of the Gospel and make a decision. Its well-written storyline skillfully navigates challenging contemporary topics and offers a thoughtful and respectful engagement between prevailing secular orthodoxy and the biblical worldview. With its skilled actors and high production quality, I highly recommend this faith-driven movie to everyone."
Chris Stone, Founder, Faith Driven Consumer

"God's Not Dead is a powerful reminder of the importance of always being ready to give a defense of the hope that is in us, and how desperately hungry the hurting world around us is for that hope."
Bob Pritchett, CEO, Logos Bible Software

"Put me down for a front row seat, an extra large diet coke and buttered popcorn. By the way, I hope to bring as many students, parent's of students and youth workers as the theater will hold. I have spent my life trying to prepare students for their future, knowing that in the majority of the secular higher-ed institutions have created a culture that walks around seeking whose faith it can devour. With grade "A" stars and quality production worthy of the big screen, this is a must-see movie. How cool is it to have the stars who played Hercules, and Superman watch a college freshman show Herculean strength and supernatural faith."
Dr. Jay Strack, President and Founder of Student Leadership University

"Gods not dead is exactly what people today need to see. A loving God who will except us no matter where were at in our journey. His love and grace are limitless. More please!"
Josh Brown, NY Giants

"A powerful movie that WAY-FM listeners will love!"
Lloyd Parker, WAY-FM COO

"Behind every denial of God is most likely a pain, a question, or a haunting memory. When Christians are brave enough to walk into this arena with loving response, belief can rise in those who declare God to be dead. And this belief is pure gift from the God who is very much alive."
Dan Boone, President, Trevecca Nazarene University

"God's Not Dead- the movie is a rallying cry for Churches to equip and encourage believers to reach non-believers with the Gospel. It provides reasons to believe and confidence to take a stand for Christ in an increasingly secular society"
Rice Broocks, Author of God's Not Dead

"God's Not Dead has the ability to influence many different types people because of the multiple challenges that each character must face. It addresses dating, marriage, multiculturalism, religious intolerance, making huge sacrifices for your faith, pain, death, God's sovereignty, and ultimately, whether God is a myth or The Truth. I strongly recommend this film, especially to those who are bah humbug regarding the Creator of The Universe."
Brandon Slay, Olympic gold medalist wrestler now the US Wrestling freestyle coach

This is a thoughtful, perceptive and enlightening faith-based film that intelligently argues for God's existence and makes clear that He loves each of us. In an age when the Big Bang and Evolution are the central teachings found in academia's science classes (and many philosophy classes), this is a film every Christian student should see. Indeed, it may be the most important film they'll see, for it reminds them that they need to study God's Word (and ask questions of mature followers of Christ) in order to confront detractors of God's Truth.

The most important film students will see this year.
Phil Boatwright, Preview on Line